The Ge’siri of Fallen Gheldale

The Ge’siri was a clan of siriyu who once lived in the ancestral home of their race, the City of Gheldale in Haphen. The clan once existed to promote the interests of Gheldale, its Royal Family and its citizens, but after the city’s fall, the clan shifted its policies to focus on aiding siriyu, protecting the siriyu heritage, and advancing causes important to siriyu. The Ge’siri were in alliance with Triage, though this alliance could be tenuous at times. The clan was also hostile to Enclave, the ruling clan of Cranezmore on Northern Alandis.

Despite surviving the fall of their beloved city, the Ge’siri’s power grew weak after their last leader disappeared, and many of the remnants of the clan and the city’s civilians integrated into Seria.

This clan was highly structured, and its members were expected to conform to a strict code of conduct when interacting with other members of a different rank. Highest in the Ge’siri hierarchy was none other than the Royal Family. Next to the Royal Family was the Council, which was formed by the leaders of the main divisions of the Ge’siri hierarchy. After the Council come the martial ranks, the mage ranks and the lesser nobility.

The Royal Family

Tal’Siri (male) / Ali’Siri (female): 20
As the ancestral rulers of Ghel’dale, the Tal’Siri and Ali’Siri form the positions of “King” and “Queen” within the monarchy. Wielding absolute power in the city and its outlying lands, they are both respected and revered by the siriyu beneath their rule. Their titles (which literally translate to being “The Lord of the Siriyu” and “The Lady of the Siriyu”) are also recognized throughout Haphen for being the traditional protectors of the fabled continent.

Ibavri (male) / Ibanni (female): 18
These titles are reserved exclusively for the heir apparent to the throne. Frequently the eldest male and female child of the ruling Tal’Siri and Ali’Siri, blood relation is not necessary and the Ibavri may often serve as Lai’drim. Much is expected of the Ibavri and Ibanni as they are specially trained within the depths of politics, the arts and sciences, literature.

The Ge’siri Council

Lai’drim: 19
Chancellor and head of the High Council, second in power only to the throne. The Lai’drim oversees both the safety of Gheldale as well as organizes the relations between the associated keeps. In charge of the Vaer and the Elvyth, the Lai’drim deals with both foreign relations and covert information.

Eis’tandri: 17
Archmage of Gheldale and commander of the city’s magi, working in conjunction with the Lu’taen. The Eis’tandri is responsible both for the magical education and protection of the city. The Eis’tandri must coordinate the magical talents of both the offensive and clerical members of the Ge’siri. The Eis’tandri is a council member.

Lu’taen: 16
General of Gheldale and commander of the city’s armed forces, working in conjunction with the Eis’tandri. The Lu’taen is responsible for the physical aspects of education and defense in the city. The Lu’taen is a council member.

Tan’ril: 15
The royal guard, devoted to protecting the Tal’siri. They answer only to the Tal and the Lai’drim, but as a result, are carefully chosen and trusted absolutely. The ranking Tan’ril is a council member, speaking for all members of the guard.

Vyl’siri: 14
Head of the order of Holy Knights, the Vyl’siri must be above reproach in all manners. This position is only for one who has demonstrated true nobility and purity of spirit in dedication to the protection of Gheldale. The Vyl’siri is often highly religious, advising the Tal in matters of morality. The Vyl’siri is a council member.

The Martial Ranks

Aga’van: 10
The Aga’van are assistant fighters to the Lu’taen, coordinating the soldiers of Gheldale. They serve as teachers and mentors, as well as lieutenants in battle.

Tu’ril: 5
Soldiers in arms of Gheldale, the Tu’ril make up the bulk of Gheldale’s armed forces. They work closely with the Tandri.

Sy’van: 4
The Holy Knights of Gheldale, the Sy’van are the last obstacle to invading forces. Seldom participating in actual battle, the Sy’van are dedicated to preserving the safety and sanctity of Gheldale.

Van’ril: 1
Foreign soldiers in arms, serving under an Ev’ran. They are still answerable to the Lu’taen.

The Mage Ranks

Vetuj: 13
Higher ranking healers of the Ge’siri, the Vetuj are both teachers and religious leaders. They operate under the auspices of the Lu’taen and the Eis’tandri. The Vetuj also work closely with the Sy’van.

Yu’ran: 11
The Yu’ran are powerful mages who serve under the Eis’tandri, coordinating the magical forces of Gheldale. They serve as teachers and mentors, as well as lieutenants in battle.

Tandri: 6
Mages in arms of Gheldale, the Tandri make up half of Gheldale’s armed forces. Though often fewer than the Tu’ril, the Tandri are highly skilled in combat.

Gelar: 3
The healers of Gheldale, the Gelar attend to battle wounds, disease, and any other physical complaints the citizenry may have. Though more often seen working within the city than on the frontlines of battle, the Gelar are nonetheless a core of strength for the Ge’siri.

Van’tandri: 2
Foreign mages in arms, serving under an Ev’ran.  They are still answerable to the Eis’tandri.

The Lesser Nobility and Gentry

Vaer: 12
Ambassadors and assistants to the Lai’drim, the Vaer must be skilled diplomats. They also function as scribes and record-keepers for the palace, often aiding the other members of the council in coordinating tasks.

Ev’ran/Ev’rah: 9
Governors of Ge’siri protectorates, the Ev’ran function much as a duke may in overseeing foreign keeps. Though given their own fighting forces and autonomy on their own lands, the Ev’ran must still answer to the Lu’taen, Eis’tandri, Lai’drim and Tal’siri.

Gav’drim: 8
In charge of new recruits, the Gav’drim serves as mentor and caretaker of the Seh’ril. Offering both advice and lessons equally, as well as discipline, the Gav’drim ensures that the full weight of the oath and responsibilities to the Ge’siri is understood. The Gav’drim report to the Lai’drim.

Elvyth: 7
Spies and scouts, the Elvyth are skilled in stealth and deception, though absolutely loyal to Gheldale. They answer to the Lai’drim, with the Vaer often serving as handlers while the Elvyth are in the field.

Seh’ril: 0
New recruits to the Ge’siri, often serving as pages and apprentices.  All who wish to join the Ge’siri must spend some time as Seh’ril so abilities and loyalty may be evaluated.