The Triage of Seria

The Triage was the ruling clan of Seria, responsible for governing that sprawling city in the center of Alandis. As the city grew bigger day by day, Triage was charged to keep the Golden City’s walls secure from outside threats as well as to keep the citizens residing within its walls – especially the merchants – happy. The clan was hostile to the Enclave of the north, to the point that meetings between members of Triage and Enclave usually ended up in skirmishes and inevitably broke  out between these clans. Triage  enjoyed a mutually beneficial alliance with the Ge’siri of Gheldale, though this relationship can be tenuous at times.  The Triage was defeated in the Enclave’s war of conquest and soon faded into obscurity.

The Triage had a solid hierarchy with the Royal Family of Seria at its highest tiers. However, relationships among members of the clan were more relaxed and less structured than that among the Enclave or even among the Ge’siri.

The Royal Family and Nobility

King/Queen: 20
The absolute rulers of the Golden City, the King and Queen are responsible for the lives and welfare of not only the Triage and its allies, but all the people of Seria. All within the city must bend to their absolute rule. On their word alone may war and peace be declared, alliances formed and broken, and laws implemented and overturned. As the guardians of their people, they strive to maintain neutrality and peace within the city, welcoming a multitude of races and seeking an easy union with most divinities.

Prince/Princess: 19
The children of the King and Queen, whether by birth or through adoption, the Prince and Princess are the future rulers of Seria. Trained from birth in the arts of war, diplomacy and government, each is raised with the knowledge that one day, lives will depend upon their decisions. As members of the royal family, they constantly make themselves accessible to the needs of the men and women who serve Seria. They are the assurance of the Crown that the people are not forgotten, and will never be turned away.

Duke/Duchess: 18
Members of the nobility who have been entrusted with the safety of keeps and lands, the Dukes and Duchesses rest just beneath the royal family in the ranks of the nobility. Often having some claim to royal blood themselves, they hold right to the throne should the royal house proper fall. Though they possess no actual military power, each is expected to house within their lands a number of able-bodied fighters, to be called upon should the need arise to protect Seria.

The Triage Officers

General: 17
Though not nobility simply by virtue of his standing, the General holds a rank sufficiently high enough to make him a powerful force in and of himself. Beyond the rule of the nobility, save the King and Queen themselves, he is entrusted with the full force of the military. Unrivaled in his military tactics and battle prowess, his word is highly valued among the nobility, and many of royal blood are proud to count a General in their ancestry. The General knows all Serian laws and has a great deal of knowledge of things typically outside of his or her particular skillset.

Grand Wizard: 16
The Grandwizard is a mighty force within the Triage. Capable of wielding magic far beyond the understanding of the majority of the military, the Grand Wizard needs no noble lineage to assure him of his good standing in the eyes of the nobles. Those who can shape and twist magic to their will look to him for leadership, though he is ready and able to take command of the more martial half of the Triage should the Captain ever be indisposed. The Grand Wizard is also charged with the recruitment of new members into the Triage. The Grand Wizard reports directly to the General.

Captain: 15
Reporting directly to the General, the Captain aids in the selection and training of the martial portion of the Triage. Dealing mostly with upholding the laws of Seria, the Captain is expected to be present when the General is handling delicate military matters. These duties prove valuable training for the day the Captain rises in the ranks and must make similar decisions himself. Should the General be absent or unable to attend to a matter, the Captain has the power to temporarily assume his authority and handle things as he sees fit. The Captain is also charged with the recruitment of new members into the Triage.

The Martial Ranks

Lieutenant: 9
The lieutenants are the junior officers of the martial ranks. Long have they served the Triage and Seria as peacekeepers and they have proved themselves capable of leadership. In this position, they are responsible for the training and tasking out of their subordinates as needed. They are learned of the laws and are able to tend to any sort of dispute or encroachment of the law. Their senior officer is the Captain, who they report directly to.

Inquisitor: 8
The inquisitors are the officers in training in the templar sect. They are seasoned veterans in their positions, have learned the laws extensively and have proven themselves to be worthy of authority within the Triage. Further responsibilities include tasking out their subordinates and training them as well. They report to the Captain, who is their immediate superior officer.

Peacekeeper: 3
The peacekeepers are the guards and defenders of Seria. Their duties are the defense of Seria and upholding the city laws as well as helping the common citizen. This rank is given to martial fighters and they report directly to the Lieutenants.

Templar: 2
The templars work side by side with the peacekeepers in the defense of Seria. Their particular duties have them actively seeking out the evils within Seria to destroy or detain them as well as helping the common citizen. This rank is reserved for both knights and battlemages. They report directly to the inquisitors.

The Mage Ranks

Hierophant: 11
The hierophants are well-progressed and learned religious beings who have spread the word of their faiths and helped many unfortunate citizens of Seria in their time. The hierophants are then given responsibility over their subordinates to train and oversee in their duties. They report directly to the Grand Wizard.

Archmage: 10
The archmages are at the top of the mage sect, having learned both the ways of magic and the laws of Seria extensively. They are the junior officers given the ability to command their subordinates for the good of Seria and the Triage. Archmages are responsible for the training of their subordinates much like the other junior officers are for theirs. Their superior officer is the Grand Wizard.

Apostle: 5
Apostles are of the clergy and spread the good faiths of Seria to the people. Their particular duties involve actively going out and helping the less fortunate citizens as well as healing the wounded on the battlefield or at home. They report directly to the Hierophants.

Mystic: 4
The mystics are mages who have a good handling of their magic ability. They work with either the peacekeepers or templars in their duties to defend Seria. If they are not in the city proper, they are usually found in the arcane tower unlocking new magic potential for the common good of the city. They report directly to the Archmages.

Other Ranks in Triage

Royal Guard: 14
These are the hand-picked individuals of the General or the King and Queen who live to serve one purpose. Their foremost and primary duty is the protection of the royal family at any cost, even their own lives. They report directly to the General for guidance, but are assigned in the location of wherever the royal family may be. In case of emergency, the royal guards will act as subordinates to the Captain or the Grand Wizard.

Ambassador: 13
Appointed by the royal family to act as liaisons between Seria and her neighbors, the demands on an Ambassador are many. Required to be intimately familiar with the language, laws and customs of the people among whom they work, the Ambassadors must invest many hours of rigorous study before they are ready to accept an assignment. Each of them is, after all, representing the whole of Seria, and any mistake on their part reflects poorly on those who employ them.

Advisor: 12
Honored for their service and prized for their wisdom, Advisors are a valued source of knowledge to the royal family, the General and the Grandwizard. Be it the rise and fall of gods and mortals, the making of history, or the diversion of catastrophes, the Advisors have seen many things in their years, and it is their job to remind the Triage of past lessons learned. Working closely in connection with the Scribes, the Advisors seek to pass on as much of their wisdom as possible, before they too are lost to the flow of time.

Lorekeeper: 7
The lorekeepers are both the scribes and artists of the Triage. They are tasked with the recording of history, Triage rosters and are often sent out to learn more about realm. Historians, artists, performers of any special talent are often set to this rank. They report directly to the Archmages and the Hierophants.

Infiltrator: 6
Infiltrators are the spies and the assassins of the Triage. When something requires subtle work and careful precision, the infiltrators are the ones put to the task. This class is specifically meant for those skilled in sleight-of-hand. They report directly to both the Lieutenants and Inquisitors.

Page: 1
A page is an inductee into the Triage who still has to learn the laws of Seria and master their particular crafts. Their skillset will determine who exactly they fall under within the chain of command. They will report directly to either the templars, peacekeepers, mystics or apostles.

Servant: 0
A servant is exactly what it sounds like. They are the very lowest member of the Triage and their only duty is to perform whatever tasks that the higher members give them.