What role do you wish to play in the land of M’Dhoria? The kind of role that you will eventually make for yourself will depend largely on the class that you will choose when you create your character. Your class will determine what skills you can use, what spells you can cast, what armor you can wear, among other factors. Your roleplay will especially be affected by the class you choose to play.

What classes can you play in Cities of M’Dhoria? The game currently has 13 classes available. Click on each class name to learn more.

  • Barbarian – Brutish fighters that concentrate on raw offensive power.
  • Battlemage – Warrior mages that use magic to enhance their combat strikes.
  • Cleric – Pious speakers of the gods blessed with powerful healing magic.
  • Druid – Elementalists who harness nature’s might to heal and destroy.
  • Enchanter – Sorcerers that manipulate the energy of people and objects.
  • Knight – Virtuous priestly warriors who value honor and chivalry (Application Only)
  • Necromancer – Sorcerers of the dark arts and manipulators of death.
  • Ranger – Nimble, soft-footed hunters and trackers of the wilds.
  • Shaman – Spirit speakers in tune with nature and black magic.
  • Shifter – Mind mages that manipulate thoughts, time, and space.
  • Thief – Stealthy rogues skilled in deception and theft.
  • Vagabond – Wanderers that dabble in combat, stealth, and magic.
  • Warrior – Skilled, balanced fighters proficient in various weapons.