Barbarians are rugged, brutish fighters who specialize in axes and maces.  Most lack the martial discipline of the warrior, but instead make up for it with incredible power and endurance.  Their great power allows them to singlehandedly wield heavy weapons which are then used to deal immense damage with a single strike.  While there are some barbarians that fit the image of primitive, thickheaded berserkers, there are many that possess the sharp reflexes and sense that one develops when forced to survive in a hostile environment.

Allowed Races: Canidae, Dagahasi, Felis, Goblin, Grothtalian, Human, Lythren, Quevran, Taurlok

Barbarian Skill List

 1: axe                  wear leather         decapitate           
 2: mace                 smash                evasion              
 3: spear                
 4: dirt kicking         sword                
 5: kick                 wear scale           
 6: hand to hand         
 7: fast healing         
 8: wear chain           
 9: aid                  
10: disarm               thrown               
11: axemastery           
12: macemastery          
13: second attack        meditation           
14: enhanced damage      
16: campfire             tame                 
17: trip                 
18: raft                 
19: camouflage           
20: track                swing                
22: berserk              
23: inebriation          
24: pummel               
25: grapple              
26: third attack         
28: whirlwind            
31: pound                
32: repair               
33: cleave               
34: gouge                
35: sharpen              anticipate           
36: herbs                
37: wild swing           
38: dual wield           
39: fourth attack        
40: surprise             
46: reinforce            
47: harpoon              
50: mighty grip

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