Battlemages are a unique blend of sorcerous power and combat prowess.  While they make make use of skills such as kicking and tripping, battlemages specialize in magic that supports their weapon strikes, whether it is in the form of a fiery slashes or a energy-laden smashes. Additionally, they are adept at summoning magical barriers, crafting mystical weapons, and creating prismatic shields to deflect magical attacks.  Battlemages are a welcome asset to any fighting force, and experienced battlemages are not uncommonly found among the elite of any army.

Allowed Races: Avian, Canidae, Dagahasi, Felis, Human, Johgo, Lythren, Quevran, Siriyu, Taurlok

Battlemage Skill List

 1: sword                wear leather         evasion
 2: flail                gravity smash
 3: armor                smash                decapitate
 4: hand to hand         invoke
 5: detect magic         identify
 6: wear chain           kick
 7: mystical weapon      wear scale
 8: create food
 9: polearm              fount
10: fast healing         meditation
11: swordmastery
12: enhanced damage      flailmastery
13: trip
14: parry                shield
16: shield block
18: solace
19: second attack
21: faerie fire
22: disarm
23: assess               aegis guard
24: phantasmal flurry
26: levitate
27: third attack
28: campfire
29: flash
30: insulate
31: flux                 sharpen
32: freezing blade       searing blade        repair
33: wizard lock
35: anticipate
39: charge
40: shatter
45: continual light
46: deflection
50: impact

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