The missionary of the faithful, clerics are the bearers of the word of their god as well as able practitioners of holistic medicine and the healing arts. Skilled orators, thinkers, and philosophers, clerics are known for living their sermons as they go about their life’s work. As the spokesmen of their faith, clerics are faithful and pious folk who seek to invest everyone they meet with the lessons they have gained from a lifetime of meditation and study. The clerics work closely with the faithful, acting as their advisors and spiritual mentors as they protect the congregation and citizens to whom the clerics minister. Like their associates in in their religions, the personalities of clerics vary widely, from the gentle and introspective speakers, to fiery, impassioned preachers who vehemently bring the word to the people.

Note: Cleric is not suggested for beginners since it is a roleplay-intensive class and requires devotion to a religion to make use of commune-type spells.  Unless you have some experience with the game, you are likely to stumble around unable to use many of your skills.

All cleric religion concepts MUST include your view on healing and how who and why you heal serves your god.¬† We will not accept concepts that allow for “I heal everyone.”

Allowed Races: Avian, Canidae, Dagahasi, Felis, Grothtalian, Human, Johgo, Quevran, Siriyu, Visardi

Cleric Skill List

 1: mace                 wear leather         lesser heal          
 2: dagger               smash                evasion              
 3: spirit sense         staff                
 4: soul scry            invoke               
 5: identify             
 6: meditation           
 7: gash                 bless                locate spirit        
 8: detect magic         
 9: wear chain           herbs                
10: create food          fount                trance               
11: hand to hand         wear scale           macemastery          
12: diagnose             
13: fast healing         staffmastery         
15: refresh              
16: panacea              
17: warding eye          
19: cloak of light       
21: control weather      
22: spiritual quilt      
23: call lightning       
24: holy water           
25: gate                 
26: glimmer              
28: fortify              
29: second attack        
30: greater heal         
31: parry                
32: protection           
33: shatter              
34: wizard lock          
35: life                 anticipate           
36: death ward           
37: mana share           
38: freedom              
40: sacred fire          
41: cancellation         
42: create scroll        
43: deluge               
44: celestial thunder    
45: radiance             
47: purify room 
48: continual light
49: sanctuary
50: shine

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