The first druids learned to embrace the natural magic of the woodlands from the dryads, satyrs, and the hylsiriyu and dedicated themselves to protecting and nurturing the nature they loved. However, the philosophy of living in harmony with nature diverged into many others over the years, with some druids exploiting the magic of nature for their own benefit with little respect for balance. Druids still make use of skills derived from the natural surroundings: elemental magic, command of beasts, and herblore. As talented mages, druids are able to conjure storms, summon elemental beasts, and create natural defenses. While many druids thrive in the wilds alongside rangers, it is not uncommon for them to seek other places where their art may prove useful.

Allowed Races: Avian, Canidae, Felis, Human, Johgo, Siriyu, Visardi

Druid Skill List

 1: dagger               staff                wear leather         
 2: evasion              gash                 strike               
 3: whip                 
 4: infravision          invoke               
 6: meditation           waterwalk            
 7: aquatic breath       
 8: scales               tame                 spear                
 9: hand to hand         identify             impale               
10: detect magic         sylvan               trance               
11: earthquake           daggermastery        
12: purse                fire elemental       
13: create fruit         fast healing         
14: fount                parry                
15: blindness            herbs                tidal wave           
16: lightning bolt       thunder clap         
17: poison               
18: control weather      spearmastery         
19: acute vision         call lightning
20: water elemental          
21: gale                 release              
22: panacea              
23: storm                
24: stonestorm           
25: second attack        verdant boon         
26: fire shield          
27: shatter              entangle             
29: stone skin           
30: gather               portal               
31: barkskin             
33: chain lightning      
34: chant                weaken               
35: earth elemental      anticipate           
36: lunar glow           
37: solar flare          
40: poison bite          
45: elemental blast      
50: revive

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