Enchanters are mages specializing in the alteration of objects and people.  They are unique in their ability to empower weapons and armor with enchantments that increase protection and enhance combat effectiveness.  A valued addition to a fighting force, enchanters are adept at weaving spells to protect and hasten their allies while weakening and hindering their opponents.  While enchanters do not begin as the most powerful of combatants, they gradually learn powerful offensive and defensive magic that enable them to become formidable adversaries.

Allowed Races: Avian, Dagahasi, Human, Johgo, Lythren, Quevran, Siriyu, Visardi

Enchanter Skill List

 1: staff                wear leather         armor                
 2: gash                 dagger               
 3: infravision          invoke               disjunction          
 4: evasion              smash                
 5: identify             
 6: levitate             meditation           
 7: detect magic         daggermastery        staffmastery         
 9: fount                invisibility         
10: hand to hand         trance               
11: detect invis         
12: create food          
13: faerie fog           fast healing         
14: parry                
15: faerie fire          
16: magical repair       
18: gate                 
19: portal               
20: sleep                
22: debilitate           
24: knock                slow                 
25: shatter              haste                second attack        
26: firewall             
27: transmute            
28: ensorcel             
29: mystical ring        
30: banish               charm                
31: sprite               
32: chain lightning      enchant              
33: bind                 wizard lock          
34: imbue                
35: arcane ward          prism                anticipate           
37: aura                 silence              
40: continual light      
41: recharge             
44: locate object        
45: elemental blast      
46: deflection           
48: ethereal web
49: maenors protection

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