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The Knights Templar were an order long thought to have passed into the epochs of history.  Originally founded in distant ages past, the knights were an elite force of warriors dedicated to the pursuits of peace, order, and law.  As time passed, fewer and fewer stood forth to take up their cause, and it was generally thought the knights had faded into history.

Although the Order of the Knights Templar is long dead, knights have once more begun to establish themselves as a dominant force for peace in the world.  Knights are holy warriors, commanding both fighting skill and priestly magic.  Dedicating their lives to the pursuits of peace and order, knights stand as the dogged protectors of their chosen homeland and selflessly defend the less fortunate against evil and injustice.  Knights are all of lawful good persuasion, with personalities ranging from kind, quiet, and tolerant to those who are dogmatic and iconoclastic.  All share the common goal of purging the world of evil and standing sentry against any who would seek to spread evil and darkness.

Allowed Races: Avian, Canidae, Felis, Grothtalian, Human, Siriyu, Taurlok

Knight Skill List

 1: evasion              sword                wear leather         
 2: decapitate           mace                 smash                
 3: parry                
 4: soul scry            
 5: aid                  protection           wear scale           
 6: disarm               rescue               
 7: kick                 bless                
 8: fount                polearm              
 9: wear chain           
10: fast healing         meditation           
11: hand to hand         swordmastery         
12: enhanced damage      
13: assess               
14: shield block         
15: second attack        
17: calm                 aegis guard          
18: charge               polearmmastery       
19: holy water           
20: touch                swing                
21: counter              
22: steadfast            
23: wear plate           
24: third attack         
25: solace               
26: campfire             
27: panacea              
29: upperslash           
31: pound                
32: sharpen              
33: repair               
34: vanquish             
35: anticipate           
36: turtle stance        
37: shatter              
39: sacred fire          
40: chevalier            
41: celestial thunder    
43: continual light      
46: justice              patience             
47: charity              
48: ray of truth         
50: sanctuary

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