Necromancers are the masters of death and unlife, using their black arts to spread suffering and destruction. These skilled mages are capable of animating hosts of undead servants, inflicting magical infirmities, and summoning hordes of demons. Necromancers deal heavily with the dead whether embalming fallen bodies or raising fallen spirits. Universally evil, necromancers are cruel, calculating individuals wholly dedicated to the study of death, the infliction of torment, and the spread of decay.

Allowed Races: Avian, Dagahasi, Human, Lythren, Visardi

Necromancer Skill List

 1: dagger               wear leather         
 2: whip                 gash                 evasion              
 3: spirit sense         staff                subzero              
 4: identify             invoke               
 6: detect magic         meditation           soul scry            
 7: hand to hand         infravision          
 8: blood spring         
 9: blindness            polearm              
10: trance               
12: daggermastery        levitate             
13: fast healing         
14: sacrilege            decapitate           
15: covenant of ice      demon band           
16: locate spirit        
17: parry                plague               resist disease       
18: animate dead         
19: curse                polearmmastery       
20: debilitate           
21: blacklight           
22: reap                 
23: summon void          
24: death ward           
25: second attack        
26: protection           
27: shatter              
28: darkness             
30: seance               
33: rigor mortis         
34: transmogrify         
35: spasm                anticipate           
36: miasma               
38: taint                
39: possession           
40: malevolence          raise dead           
47: narcosis             
49: infestation          
50: demon horde

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