As masters of the natural environment, rangers are skilled fighters who make good use of what the wilds provide. Their combat skills are formidable, rivaling those of warriors with their adeptness at surprise attacks, camouflage, and weapons training. Out in fields and forests, rangers can travel with little physical strain and make use of the environment by commanding animals, gathering herbs, and fletching arrows. While personal philosophies may vary, with some who exploit the bounties of nature and others who wish to protect them, rangers are all highly skilled at tracking, hunting, and negotiating terrain.

Allowed Races: Canidae, Felis, Human, Johgo, Quevran, Siriyu, Taurlok

Ranger Skill List

 1: axe                  sword                wear leather         
 2: evasion              decapitate           kick                 
 3: trip                 dagger               
 4: gash                 
 5: wear scale           
 6: hand to hand         
 7: fast healing         
 8: raft                 wear chain           
 9: thrown               
10: enhanced damage      daggermastery        sylvan               
11: second attack        axemastery           swordmastery         
12: cover                inspect              
13: treat                meditation           
14: dirt kicking         track                
15: campfire             search               
16: snare                flurry               
17: dig                  herbs                
19: acute vision         tame                 
20: gather               swing                
21: trail blaze          
22: zephyr strike        
23: camouflage           
24: surprise             
25: third attack         
26: bow                  fletch               
28: dual wield           
29: cyclone slash        
30: fourth attack        
31: scout                
32: repair               
33: bowmastery           
34: sneak                
35: wilderness tactics   anticipate           
40: gouge                
42: sharpen              
45: ambush               
47: counter              
48: pinning shot        
49: nerve strike
50: hustle

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