Hailing from harsh and inhospitable environments, shamans have developed aggressive and, oftentimes, dark methods in dealing with their enemies.  Unlike necromancers whose specialty lie with raising the dead, and clerics, who are focused on healing the living, shamans take a middling approach and prefer to actively straddle the divide between the spirit and mortal realms where they are able to dabble in both.  Drawing strength from themselves, the spirit realm, and the natural environment, shamans find themselves playing multiple roles for their chosen communities, where they are often called upon to act as medicine men and spiritual guides, mediators, and fighters.  In addition to their command of powerful curses and hexes, their knowledge of herb lore and its effects on the mind and the mortal body give a distinctly colorful edge to their already eclectic skills.

Allowed Races: Avian, Canidae, Dagahasi, Felis, Goblin, Human, Lythren, Quevran, Visardi

Shaman Skill List

 1: burning hands        mace                 wear leather
 2: dagger               evasion              smash
 3: staff                detect magic
 4: demise               soul scry            invoke
 5: identify
 6: hand to hand         infravision          meditation
 7: control weather      spear
 8: impale
 9: call lightning       fount
10: detect invis
11: invisibility         trance               macemastery
13: fast healing
15: resist poison        tidal wave
16: enervation
17: covenant of fire     gather               spearmastery
18: ancestral blessing
19: gas cloud
20: curse
22: blindness
23: rattle bones         parry
24: spirit sense
25: gate                 remove curse         second attack
26: locate spirit        firewall
27: shatter              dust
28: sneezing powder
29: banish
32: darkness
33: herbs                panacea
34: malevolence
35: shrunken head        anticipate
36: pill
37: toxic haze
38: baleful gaze
39: blood elemental
40: immolate
41: narcosis
42: cinder spark
43: infuse
44: vanish
45: breath of ancients
46: seance
47: rigor mortis
50: hex

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