A group of mages with ancient roots that transcend normal magic, shifters engage in the dangerous art of energy and spatial manipulation.  Shifters tap into the ambient energy around them to form offensive spells, create wormholes from one part of the world to another, and attune themselves to the minds and thoughts of others.  Though at times appearing more as hermits, these mages have learned the various arts of magical persuasion and distortion, fine-tuning them as weapons to protect themselves and their space.

Allowed Races: Avian, Lythren, Quevran, Visardi

Shifter Skill List

 1: staff                wear leather         foresight
 2: dagger               evasion              infravision
 3: soul scry            gash                 mental scythe
 4: whip                 detect magic
 5: read object          invoke
 6: meditation           detect invis
 7: invisibility
 9: age of ancients      breakneck
10: psionic shield       telepathy            trance
11: levitate             staffmastery
12: force barrier        hand to hand
13: fast healing         link
14: parry                psychic wave         whipmastery
15: astral walk          concentrate
16: nourish
18: pass door
19: displacement
20: second attack        slow
21: recognize
22: charm
24: clairvoyance
25: portal
26: haste                paralyze
27: shatter
28: summon
29: locate object
30: mind flay
31: banish
32: temporal quake
34: stasis
35: anticipate
36: ripple
37: aura
39: ball and chain
40: energy blast
41: glance
44: nexus
46: disruption
47: amnesia
48: radial distortion
49: psionic surge

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