As sly and stealthy tricksters, thieves can thrive in nearly any environment but tend to frequent the cities, pilfering from passersby. Skilled in lockpicking, trapsetting, and theft, thieves exercise their skills on both sides of the law; while some rob and swindle beneath public notice, others serve their governments as informants and spies.  While thieves are adept with knife and whip, most can only manage brief tussles and prefer to run and hide until danger passes.  Their mindsets and personalities vary greatly, ranging from the noble robber stealing from the wealthy to the lawless cutthroat targeting any unfortunate who crosses his path.  Most law-abiding citizens and governments will deal harshly with the thieves they manage to catch, but there will always be those who believe the rewards great enough to outweigh such risks.

All thieves have the FENCE and SCRUTINY abilities and thieves cant language.

Note: Beware that if you are caught stealing, you can be PKed.¬† Your victims must have sufficient reason to suspect you, such as “known thief with things identical to what I lost” or “person is wearing the same things as the person that robbed me.”

Allowed Races: Avian, Canidae, Dagahasi, Felis, Goblin, Human, Johgo, Lythren, Quevran, Siriyu

Thief Skill List

 1: dagger               evasion              wear leather
 2: haggle               gash
 3: peek
 4: whip
 5: hand to hand         trip
 6: thrown
 7: fast healing         steal
 8: dirt kicking         mace
 9: pick lock            breakneck
10: eavesdrop            thieves cant
11: keen vision          second attack
12: cover                daggermastery        hide
13: meditation
14: sneak                backstab             whipmastery
15: traps
16: oilslick             find
17: slip                 circlestab
18: wear chain           wear scale
19: stalk
20: appraise
21: snitch
22: envenom
23: estimate
24: blackjack
25: disarm
26: smokescreen
27: mug
28: bow
29: tumbling
30: dual wield
31: sharpen
32: third attack
33: blend
35: street tactics       anticipate
37: disguise
40: grab
45: shadow attack
47: feint

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