Vagabonds are wanderers steeped in the oral tradition, and as such, specialize in evocative song-like spells that assist in combat by empowering their allies or enfeebling their enemies. Their wandering ways have made them knowledgeable in the lore of the land, and their resourcefulness allows them to make good use of what they find, often through petty theft and freebooting. At their roots, vagabonds are also able to draw on a fortunetelling tradition, granding themselves foresight into their upcoming ventures. While some vagabonds take up the lute or flute and serve as true bards, many simply treat their song spells as tools necessary for survival rather than performances.

All vagabonds have the FENCE and SCRUTINY abilities and thieves cant language.

Allowed Races: Avian, Felis, Human, Johgo, Lythren, Siriyu

Vagabond Skill List

 1: dagger               wear leather         evasion              
 2: gash                 whip                 foresight            
 3: flail                infravision          
 4: sneak                cacophony            
 5: history              invoke               
 6: trip                 create food          
 7: hand to hand         hide                 
 8: kick                 smash                
 9: fount                thrown               peek                 
10: fast healing         thieves cant         meditation           
11: daggermastery        
12: haggle               
13: flailmastery         detect magic         
14: silvertongue         wear scale           pick lock            
15: bow                  
16: cantabile            
17: steal                warding eye          
18: wear chain           
19: second attack        
20: estimate             
21: solace               resist poison        
22: roam                 
23: slip                 
24: tumbling             
25: charm                detect hidden        
26: dirt kicking         
27: explore              
28: campfire             
29: dire dirge           
30: roulette             
31: sharpen              
33: rousing rondo        
35: third attack         anticipate           
37: requiem              
40: cosmic chorus
41: phantasmal flurry
43: grave nocturne
45: luck     
46: hymn of harmony
47: fortune
48: soothing sonata      misfortune           
49: swift scherzo    
50: arcana

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All vagabonds have the FENCE and SCRUTINY abilities and thieves cant language.