Master of weaponry, combat, and tactics, the warrior is an individual highly trained and versatile in a variety of forms of battle. Any weapon in a warrior’s hands becomes an instrument of destruction guided by one with detailed knowledge of how to obtain the most desirable effects in battle. While most every adventurer in the land knows self-defense and combat, warriors have trained themselves extensively in techniques that those less dedicated could never hope to learn, elevating the concepts of combat and melee to an art form few other disciplines can duplicate.

Allowed Races: Canidae, Dagahasi, Felis, Goblin, Grothtalian, Human, Johgo, Lythren, Quevran, Siriyu, Taurlok

Warrior Skill List

 1: wear leather         sword                
 2: shield block         flail                
 3: kick                 
 4: axe                  
 5: wear chain           wear scale           
 6: parry                decapitate           rescue               
 7: fast healing         smash                
 8: enhanced damage      hand to hand         wear plate           
 9: thrown               
10: polearm              
11: swordmastery         second attack        
12: aid                  flailmastery         
13: meditation           
14: assess               
15: trip                 
16: flurry               
19: aegis guard          
20: counter              swing                polearmmastery       
22: dirt kicking         third attack         
23: evasion              
24: campfire             
25: disarm               
26: grapple              
28: sharpen              
29: charge               
30: fourth attack        
32: repair               
33: pound                
34: gouge                
35: dual wield           anticipate           
36: hobble               
37: upperslash           
38: turtle stance        
39: nerve strike         
44: reinforce            
47: crescendo

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