Major Areas

M’Dhoria is a vast world with many exciting areas, which have varying degrees of difficulty. Two major continents span the known world of M’Dhoria, namely: Alandis and Haphen. Some areas in these continents are well-known to and well-trodden upon by the inhabitants of the realms, while some are as yet largely unexplored. Some areas are centers of civilization, flourishing settlements of trade and scholarship, protected by the strong arm of the law. Some areas are wild and uninhabited, filled with danger and home to monsters waiting to prey upon the unwitting adventurer.

The world of M’Dhoria is roughly divided into seven major areas, and these areas are the Central Pier, the continent of Haphen, and the five corners of Alandis.

The Central Pier
The Central Pier is, as its name suggests, the geographical center of the world of M’Dhoria. It is an island populated by fishermen and traders coming via ships from all corners of the world, and linked to the major continents by a land bridge. On this island is located the Academy, where new adventurers go to in order to learn the basic skills they need to survive and to perform their profession. The Central Pier is dominated by a gigantic monument to the gods of M’Dhoria.

Haphen is the southern continent, a rich land covered by dense rainforests. On this continent, one will find Kaekryn Grove, the home of the gentle lodekryn; the Qoosa Mire, once home to the johgo; the rainforests where the felis live; and the ruins of the ancient city of Gheldale, the ancestral home of the siriyu. South of this continent are the Shattered Islands, the location of sunken Kraknul, the ancestral city of the siriyu-hating quevran.

Western Alandis
The western portion of Alandis is a thickly forested area divided by the Western Road that leads to Seria. Here, one can find the Shardragon Keep as well as the castles of Belverin and Irlandia. Explore the western beaches, commune with nature in the Lightened Forest, but beware the savage forest of Ki Baltan and the monastery of Santina.

Eastern Alandis
The terrain on the eastern half of Alandis is varied. Salty Harbor to the far east is a fishing settlement sitting under the shadows of Mt. Booars. Beyond Salty Harbor, the low hills give way to the dead flatlands. The Eastern Road that leads from Salty Harbor winds its way back to Seria. Located in Eastern Alandis are Lorvalis Castle and the dead city of Frelugnya.

Southern Alandis
In southern Alandis, one will find within its thick forests the haunted Rhyodin Castle overlooking its namesake lake as well as the ruined and half-sunken city of Lords, the latter infested with orcs, the undead, and gods know what other dangers. Bandits prowl the Southern Road that leads travelers back to Seria.

Northern Alandis
The northern portion of Alandis is the territory of the dreaded dagahasi who live in their city of Cranezmore. The dark and twisted Ishon Forest creeps along the edges of this city. In this area, one can also find the mountains occupied by the orcs and the frost giants; at the foot of these mountains is the goblin village. The Northern Road connects Cranezmore and the rest of the North to Seria.

Central Alandis
All major roads of Alandis lead to its very heart – the Golden City of Seria. A sprawling settlement populated by princes and paupers alike, Seria is a territory equally blessed and cursed by the gods. Seria is the center of trade and commerce and of learning and the arts. The gods in their aerial city keep a close watch from the clouds above.