The world of M’Dhoria is home to a wide range of species in different forms, sizes and shapes. Each race has its own unique strengths that allow them to thrive in the friendly environs of the world as well as survive in its harsh wilds. There are races whose people are capable of flight and there are people who must rely on their own two feet. Some races are hated and feared while some are accepted in most civilized settlements of the world.

Cities of M’Dhoria has 14 playable races. These races are listed below.

A race of winged, bird-like creatures, avians are known for their reliability and faithfulness. They are renowned for their skill in diplomacy and leadership. It is not uncommon for governments and even gods to choose one of the avian race as their speakers. (Read more.)

The canidae are a bipedal, dog-like race known for their tenacity, strength and loyalty. Canidae society is based on pack hierarchies and the act of betrayal is virtually unknown. While most have little skill with the arcane arts, canidae possess great strength and excel as physical fighters. The canidae are natural enemies of the felis. (Read more.)

The dagahasi are a corrupted blend of siriyu, human, and demonic bloodlines that were twisted together by dark magics. They are a savage, bloodthirsty race, and inherently, irredeemably evil, without love or compassion. Many of the other races view the dagahasi with fear and hatred as they delight in unleashing chaos, bloodshed, and horror wherever they tread. (Read more.)

The felis are a race of bipedal, humanoid felines covered entirely in fur. Felis are nimble, dexterous, and stealthy beings noted for their shifty attitudes and capricious personalities. Felis society exists in a dichotomy, with some felis choosing to live the civilized life of a city felis while others live as feral, tribal hunters. Largely, the felis are primitive and predatory, and are known to conduct hunts on the other species of M’dhoria. (Read more.)

GoblinApplication Only
A cowardly, subservient, and relatively untrustworthy race, goblins are native to Alandis, although their willingness to live under almost any conditions has let them spread to most corners of the world. There are few cities which do not hold at least one small colony of goblins in their sewers, living off the assorted waste and refuse of those above them. While goblins lack in many physical and mental skills, they are gifted with an animal cunning and viciousness which can still make them dangerous opponents. (Read more.)

The grothtalians are an ancient race that inhabit the mountains and hills of M’dhoria. They are a hard working people and make skilled laborers, metalsmiths, brewers, and warriors. Grothtalians are innately unable to use most forms of magic. Short, stocky and heavy-set, grothtalians are one of the smallest races in M’Dhoria, but their size betrays nothing of their true hardiness and physical strength. (Read more.)

By far, humans are the most plentiful, diverse, and adaptable intelligent race on M’dhoria. Over the years, humans have ventured out across the realms and are capable of enduring whatever risks and pitfalls they encounter. Whatever advantages other races may possess over humans, mankind makes up for it with their seemingly endless ability to adjust, suborn, or assimilate anything they encounter. Humans can excel at any field, from combat to thievery to sorcery, and their drive to succeed and their great inner strength overcome what they may lack in ability. (Read more.)

The johgo are a smaller, humanoid race with thin tails. They are a carefree, easygoing people that delight in the simple things in life. They live in a communal society and place great value on friends and family. Johgo are whimsical and good-natured and have a great love of harmless mischief. (Read more.)

The lythren are a cursed race, half-human and half-snake, and made so because of their false worship of the gods. Lythren live a solitary existence in caves and dark places, unable to go out in daylight because the light of the sun blinds them. Though strong in body and keen in intellect, the lythren are seen as treacherous, greedy and self-serving, ready to betray even their closest companions if it meant serving their personal ends. (Read more.)

The quevran are a humanoid race with a height around average of humans, though their bodies are more leanly muscled. Both males and females are completely hairless. They are a vicious, militant race, borne of the harsh and nearly lifeless Shattered Isles. With their native home destroyed and their dominance of the world challenged, the quevran have become a prideful, jealous race filled with an insatiable desire for conquest. They have a bitter hatred for the siriyu race. (Read more.)

The siriyu are an ancient, refined race, their longevity allowing them to have mastered virtually every craft from the arts of war to the weaving of magic. While their warriors may lack the brute strength of the other races, their great agility and superior skill with strategy make them dangerous opponents, especially when supported by the fearsome arcane prowess of their mages. The siriyu are small and naturally graceful creatures, extremely proud of their own heritage and beauty. They have a deep hatred for the quevran race. (Read more.)

Taurloks are a race of brutish, bestial creatures who possess a fierce love of war.  Originally a race of nomadic tribes that roamed the lands to hunt, the taurloks eventually settled on Alandis, making permanent homes for themselves in the forests and mountainous regions of the land.  Many taurloks choose to live only for their blood-bonds and the sheer joy of fighting.  Though their ferocity may make them seem mindless brutes, this is not necessarily the case, and some taurloks choose to avidly study strategy and tactics.  All taurloks follow a strict code of honor, whether it be personal or that of the law. (Read more.)

The visardi are squat, lizard-like people and and utterly lacking in any concern for appearance or aesthetics. They are unmatched in their love for knowledge and devote themselves to the accumulation of information. Though weak in body, visardi are highly formidable spellcasters. (Read more.)