General Overview
Like their bird ancestors, avians are covered in feathers and possess light, hollow bones and wings, making them agile and capable of flight. Avians are intelligent, curious, and diplomatic creatures. They are known to be highly territorial, especially of their homes and their young. As one of the few species capable of unassisted flight, avians view wingless land-dwellers with superiority, ranging from haughty disdain to pity. All members of the race are extremely pious and this has led many to be chosen as the caretakers for the shrines in the City of the Gods.

Societal Structure
All avians have great respect for the gods and much of their society is based around faithfulness, ranging from devotion to overly zealous worship. Avians tend to be more serious and contemplative than other races, focusing on responsibility above flippancy. Their lives are focused on ritual, with rites for the creation of families, the constructing of nests, and other important milestones. Familial, regional, clan, and religious affiliations are shown through the carving of glyphs and runes into the beak and talons. Decorative scrimshaw is also used around the home and on favored pieces of equipment. Avians hold others to high standards of faith and tend to dislike and avoid those who treat religion lightly or who have earned the disfavor of the gods. Avians are enemies of the god-cursed lythren.

Physical Characteristics
Avians resemble large bird-like humanoids, completely covered with feathers and possessing taloned feet and a beak. They cannot smile, smirk, or make other such facial expressions but make up for the lack with a range of vocalizations and body movement. A typical avian stands between four and five feet in height and weighs between 40 and 150 pounds. Body shape, plumage coloration, and beak type vary across the race. Avians possess large wings that fold along their sides with scaly hands protruding from the angle of the wing. Their fingers end in talons rather than nails and their birdlike legs are thin and scaled, ending in talons as well. Avians reproduce by laying a clutch of eggs with the number of live young ranging from one to four viable offspring. A typical avian lives approximately 55-65 years.

Allowed Classes: thief, enchanter, necromancer, battlemage, shaman, shifter, druid, knight, vagabond, cleric
Allowed Alignments: good, neutral, evil
Allowed Ethos: lawful, neutral, chaotic

Max Roll Stats 16 20 19 20 17
Max Racial Stats 20 24 23 24 21

Racial Skill: FLY, WIND
Racial Resist: AIR

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