General Overview
Originally from the continent of Haphen, the canidae are a race of pack-oriented bipedal canines. Fierce hunting by groups of felis forced the canidae to flee their ancestral homes and spread throughout the world to Alandis. They now live mostly in cities, gathered in close-knit groups for protection. Canidae follow a strict dominant and submissive hierarchy and are extremely loyal; their culture has no use for scheming and backstabbing. While they have a poor natural aptitude for magic, canidae are extremely physically-oriented and possess great strength.

Societal Structure
Canidae society is based around a culturally-ingrained pack mentality, with group members being extremely loyal. Each pack consists of a dominant individual, who can be of either gender, and submissive individuals who are content to serve their role within the group. A pack for a canidae is loosely defined and may be his friends, family, or the clan or religious
group to which he belongs. Canidae view their entire race as a loose kin-group pack and will band together to help others of their kind. Canidae are extremely loyal and dutiful; as long as a pack treats a canidae well, that canidae will never betray the group. Those canidae who can use magic are given great respect as most of the race have little skill with arcane arts. Canidae are natural enemies of the felis.

Physical Characteristics
Canidae may be wolf-like, fox-like, or share features with any other wild dogs. All members of the race are entirely covered in fur and have bushy tails. Canidae are widely diverse in size, ranging anywhere from five to nearly seven feet tall and from 90 to 300 pounds. Most are on the larger end of the scale, tending toward strong physicality, while smaller canidae are those with magical skill. Canidae pairs bond monogamously and have one to two litters with one to four pups each. Canidae live for approximately seventy to eighty years.

Allowed Classes: warrior, barbarian, thief, druid, battlemage, shaman, knight, cleric, ranger
Allowed Alignments: good, neutral, evil
Allowed Ethos: lawful, neutral

Max Roll Stats 20 17 16 19 20
Max Racial Stats 24 21 20 23 24

Racial Skill: BITE
Racial Resist: ICE
Racial Vuln: FIRE

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