General Overview
The dagahasi are a corrupted blend of dalsiriyu, human, and demonic bloodlines that were twisted together by dark magics. They are a savage, bloodthirsty race, and inherently, irredeemably evil, without love or compassion. Dagahasi are avid students of the dark arcane arts as well as physical methods of causing pain. They have enslaved many of the other races of M’dhoria and used them as little more than cattle for their armies. Many of the other races view the dagahasi with fear and hatred as they delight in unleashing chaos, bloodshed, and horror wherever they tread.

Societal Structure
Dagahasi society is based upon might makes right and filled with vice and brutality. The strong rule the weak and do as they please. Females are sometimes viewed as weak or only valuable for breeding. Leaders are chosen for their ability to command armies and crush dissent rather than for diplomatic or political skill. Dagahasi are barbaric and lack most niceties and manners, but are able to tolerate those they consider useful. They range from power hungry and tyrannical to barely managing civility for those they view as lesser beings. Dagahasi do have a sense of preservation and can be quite cunning; while generally rude company and with no desire to make friends, dagahasi are capable of showing some measure of propriety or subservience if they feel it is necessary.

Physical Characteristics
Dagahasi are a race of burly, dark-skinned humanoids with inconspicuous scales who range in height from five to seven feet and weigh from 125 to 325 pounds. All dagahasi have ears with rounded points and a pair of straight or slightly curved smooth horns that grow to a max length of four inches and sit along the crown of their heads. Their facial features are blunter than those of humans and, as a cultural norm, their naturally blunt teeth are filed sharp. Their horizontally slitted eyes have overly large irises. Dagahasi have no body hair beyond facial hair which, like the hair on their heads, grows in human-like varieties. Their nails are tough and pointed and older dagahasi will occasionally grow bony protrusions along the shoulders and spine. Due to their corrupted origins, dagahasi range from possessing a twisted kind of beauty to being ugly and malformed.

Allowed Classes: warrior, barbarian, thief, enchanter, necromancer, battlemage, shaman, cleric
Allowed Alignments: evil
Allowed Ethos: neutral, chaotic

Max Roll Stats 20 18 17 18 19
Max Racial Stats 24 22 21 22 23

Racial Resist: ABYSSAL
Racial Vuln: DIVINE

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