General Overview
The felis are a race of feline, bipedal humanoids, covered entirely in fur. The race originated as tribal groups of hunters in Haphen, but has spread across Alandis to become one of the most common races in M’dhoria. Felis are extremely dexterous and well known for their skills as silent hunters and nimble thieves. Their culture exists in dichotomy; a traditionalist tribal culture in less developed regions coexists with a more modern, city-focused culture.

Societal Structure
Felis society is divided into a dichotomy of cultures. Felis who live in the city are refined, a bit vain, and civilized, taking offense to those who view them as mere pets or animals. They are less likely to hunt other sentient races and tend to see their feral cousins as crude and a bit backwards. Felis who live in the wilds are predatory, tribal hunters that tend toward a more group-focused mentality. As the race tends more toward physicality than arcane skill, the wild tribes are usually led by shamans. Both felis cultures tend to form or join larger groups out of a feeling of necessity, be it to maintain their comfortable way of life or to hunt large prey. Felis are natural enemies of the canidae.

Physical Characteristics
Felis are completely covered in fur and with tails, unretractable claws, muzzles, slit-eyes, and whiskers all in the feline fashion. Their sizes can be quite variable, but almost all are very light for their height. Feral individuals and hunters in particular tend to be larger than the urban felis and mages. Though they can be quite tall, and some felis do tip the scales at over two hundred pounds, sleek and lithe individuals are the norm. Litters range from one to four kits. Felis live relatively short lives, ranging from 50 to 60 years.

Note: Felis are not catgirls or house pets. Do not play them as such.

Allowed Classes: warrior, barbarian, thief, battlemage, shaman, druid, knight, vagabond, cleric, ranger
Allowed Alignments: good, neutral, evil
Allowed Ethos: lawful, neutral, chaotic

Max Roll Stats 18 18 17 21 18
Max Racial Stats 22 22 21 25 22

Racial Resist: ICE
Racial Vuln: FIRE

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