A cowardly, subservient, and relatively untrustworthy race, goblins are native to Alandis, although their willingness to live under almost any conditions has let them spread to most corners of the world. There are few cities which do not hold at least one small colony of goblins in their sewers, living off the assorted waste and refuse of those above them. While goblins lack in many physical and mental skills, they are gifted with an animal cunning and viciousness which can still make them dangerous opponents.

Social Structure
The dominating force in goblin society is “the pecking order,” and their nature compels each of them to find smaller, weaker goblins to bully. This bullying is such an inherent part of their lives that goblins will often gang up on passing adventurers, or join in battles for no reason whatsoever. Goblins will use any excuse to claim superiority, be it size, strength, wealth, belongings, or experience. Those goblins who cannot find anyone inferior to themselves will almost instinctively seek out a stronger creature to serve (which they tend to do rather ineptly), and this is often the case for the rare goblins which leave their clan or village to venture out into M’Dhoria.

How Other Races See Them
While most races see goblins as an annoyance at best, their almost pathological willingness to serve as underlings has let them find some small degree of acceptance with some species of M’Dhoria. It is not unusal to find goblins serving under dagahasi, orcs, or even quevran. These creatures tolerate their enthusiastic servants as long as possible, but such relationhips still tend to end with the goblin being badly beaten or killed for failing in his or her duties (no matter how simple they may be).

Physical Characteristics
Goblins range from a bright green to a deep, almost pine green, although this coloration seems to have no bearing on age or size as some scholars have suggested. Their hair is almost always black, and their eyes tend towards darker colors as well. Most fall in the two to three foot tall range, and it is a rare goblin who stands above four feet. Goblins have only the barest concepts of hygeine, and as such their hair is usually oily and knotted, while their skin is stained with filth. Their annoying (and often disgusting) habit of eating anything they can fit in their mouths lends to a body odor which could be called offensive at best.

Note: The goblin race is by approval only. Those who are applying for the goblin race, will recognize and understand that this race is a slave race, and will be beaten and brutalized by most of the rest of the world. This is not a race for the blatant disregard for the rules underlining PK, but goblin players should expect a certain amount of death or beatings, especially by masters. All players interested on the goblin race will need to submit an application written in “goblineeze,” and will speak that language while they play that character.

Valid Classes: warrior, barbarian, thief, shaman
Height: 30-48
Weight: 45-150
Hair Colors: brown, black, red, bald, white, gray
Eye Colors: brown, green, hazel, black
Skin Colors: jaundice, mottled, green

Max Racial Stats 22 19 19 21 22

Racial Resist: POISON, DISEASE
Racial Vuln: MENTAL

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