General Overview
The grothtalians are an ancient race that inhabit the mountains and hills of M’dhoria. They are innately unable to use most forms of magic. Grothtalians are revered almost universally for their skill as laborers, metalsmiths, brewers, and warriors. They are a hard working and hard living people that value diligence and physical strength. Centuries of living
underground have left grothtalians highly superstitious and wary of the intangible threats that lurk in the dark. As a result, grothtalians are all very set in their ways and highly resistant to change.

Societal Structure
Grothtalian society is based upon materialism and wealth as signs of status. This can lead grothtalians to covet material goods, collect valuable trophies, or devote themselves to accumulating coin. Grothtalians make excellent merchants and businessmen as they value planning and shrewdness but may have little care for honesty or honor. They are also fine artisans and craftsmen as they take great pride in the quality of their work. Grothtalians are very proud of their beards as the luxury of neatly groomed facial hair is viewed as a sign of station. Even grothtalian women often grow beards as there is no difference in station between genders for the race. Grothtalians dislike the visardi’s lack of care for aesthetics
and finery, seeing their preference for knowledge as bizarre.

Physical Characteristics
Short, squat, and stocky, grothtalians are one of the smaller humanoid races. They tend to stand between three and four and a half feet tall and weigh between 70 to 160 pounds. Heavy-set and muscular, the grothtalians’ size betrays nothing of their great physical strength. Grothtalians are a rugged race in appearance and their skin has a slightly leathery texture, its color ranging from light to dark. Their hair colors follow human standards and their eyes, widely varied in color, tend to be very beady and close-set. Females are able to grow facial hair in the same quantities as males, and most grothtalians of either gender prefer to be bearded.

Allowed Classes: warrior, barbarian, knight, cleric
Allowed Alignments: good, neutral, evil
Allowed Ethos: lawful, neutral, chaotic


Max Roll Stats 20 16 19 16 21
Max Racial Stats 24 20 23 20 25


Racial Skill: TINKER
Racial Resist
Racial Vuln: ENERGY

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