General Overview
Humans are by far the most plentiful, diverse, and adaptable intelligent race on M’dhoria.  Over the years, they have spread across the realms and learned to endure all manner of challenges.  Humanity’s spread across the world has not been a smooth one, and their history is rife with tales of wars with indigenous people.  Regardless of the advantages other races may possess, humans make up with their hardiness, adaptability, and numbers.  Humans can excel at any field from combat to thievery to sorcery, and their drive to succeed overcomes what they may lack in ability.

Societal Structure
Socially, humans come together in anything ranging from huge, organized cities to scattered tribes of nomadic wanderers.  They vary greatly in their sociability and some choose to live as isolated hermits.  Humans are generally tolerant of other races and often include nonhumans in their social circles and organizations.

Physical Characteristics
Human appearance is quite diverse; even though they share the same humanoid physical structure, physical features such as skin, eyes, hair, and facial structure vary wildly.  Adult humans range in size from 5 to 7 feet and their weight varies from 100 to 300 pounds.  Humans reproduce as most mammalian species and mothers give birth to one or two children on average.  Human life spans range from 70 to 80 years.  As they age, their hair color lightens to white or gray.

Allowed Classes: warrior, barbarian, thief, enchanter, necromancer, battlemage, shaman, druid, knight, vagabond, cleric, ranger
Allowed Alignments: good, neutral, evil

Max Roll Stats 19 18 18 18 19
Max Racial Stats 23 22 22 22 23

Racial Skill: TENACITY, decreased hunger/thirst rate

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