To understand the nature of the Ishoni, one must understand the nature of their native land, the Ishon. Seeking to create a land reflecting his own interpretation of mortal existence, Graven – an ancient god of Torment – reshaped the ancient forests now known by modern folk as Ishon. The original dryads were twisted into a new breed of creature. After a period of dormancy, Graven returned to find it squandered. Seeking to renew his efforts, he allied himself with the Huntress Amaris to reshape the remaining ancient dark fae and alter the environment to produce the ultimate sentient predator.

Societal Structure
Within their ranks, Ishoni are governed by a predatory pack mentality. Their warrens and creches are rife with internal strife. However, once outside the borders of their homeland, Ishoni adopt a unified front against all other races. Referred to as the Father and the Mother, Graven and Amaris and their respective domains shape the framework upon which all Ishoni structures are built. Most Ishoni are fervent students of the way of Torment, though the rare Ishoni chooses to walk the path of the Hunter.

How Other Races View Them
Knowledge of the Ishoni is sparse and conflicting. The Ishoni are often extremely duplicitous in their dealings with outsiders, furthering the confusion as to their motives and natures. Goodly folk, especially the Siriyu peoples, will likely regard the Ishoni as utter abominations, ancient and noble spirits corrupted by the Scourge and turned into twisted reflections of their ancestors. The more black-hearted races will view this fledgling race as a curiosity, a tool to be exploited, or perhaps recognize them for the threat they truly pose.

Characteristics and Makeup
The Ishoni are slight, lithe creatures possessing the grace and deceptive delicacy of the fae. Their build is quite deceptive, survival in the Ishon making them much stronger and hardier than they appear. The Ishoni are surprisingly resistant to sickness. Males are typically ebon-skinned, though the females run from milky-white to coral to deep crimson to black. Ishoni are winged and capable of flight from the earliest ages. The males possess leathery bat-like wings while the females sport gossamer wings not unlike an insect. Ishoni run from little over 4 feet to the rare Ishoni standing at 6 feet, and they are incredibly light, with few ever weighing over 150 pounds. Their lifespan is hard to gauge, as the predatory nature of their existence ensures high mortality rate.

Note: The Ishoni is an application-only race, and it is recommended for players interested in creating characters of this race to have some advanced experience in CoM.

Valid Classes: warrior, shifter, barbarian, thief, enchanter, necromancer, battlemage, shaman, druid, reaver, vagabond, cleric, ranger
Height: 50-75
Weight: 90-150
Hair Colors: black, red, white, gray, silver
Eye Colors: red, blank, black, swirling
Skin Colors: fair, dark, black

Max Racial Stats 22 23 24 23 21

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