General Overview
The johgo are an agile, playful race with a love of pranks. Once native to Haphen’s Qoosa Valley, a great flood drove them from the their home. They relocated to the treehouse just outside of Seria where they resumed their communal way of life. Johgo have a history of being enslaved by some of the larger evil sentients of M’dhoria, causing them to be generally fearful of these races. Although they tend to be whimsical tricksters, johgo are neither flippant about the terrible things that have happened to their people nor do they dwell upon such misfortunes. As they prefer not to linger on the bad, johgo have little interest in vengeance and holding grudges, preferring instead to concentrate on the good things in life.

Societal Structure
The treehouse where the johgo live is a place where the community as a whole takes care of all individuals, and all chores and parenting duties are shared. Communal living is of utmost importance, and a johgo unable to see others daily would become very lonely or even ill. Because of their culture of togetherness, johgo are very social beings, and mental or speech impairments such as abnormal obsessions or speaking in third person are absent as they are quickly remedied. Johgo are incredibly good-natured and while they love mischief, their fun is never malicious. Johgo do not like to see people get hurt and do not seek to cause emotional or physical distress with their tricks.

Physical Characteristics
Johgo are a small humanoid race with thin tails. They range from two and a half to nearly four feet in height, with most johgo weighing less than forty pounds. Their build tends toward lanky and agile though plumpness is not unheard of. Johgo’s skin is a creamy tone ranging in hue from fair to light orange or soft pink, with tanning and freckling quite common. Their bodies are hairless save for the tops of their heads and the tips of their tails. With sixty to eighty-year life spans, johgo reproduce at a rate similar to humans.

Johgo are not idiot children. Please do not play them in such a way.

Allowed Classes: warrior, thief, enchanter, battlemage, cleric, druid, vagabond, ranger
Allowed Alignments: good, neutral
Allowed Ethos: lawful, neutral, chaotic


Max Roll Stats 16 19 18 21 18
Max Racial Stats 20 23 22 25 22


Racial Resist: FIRE
Racial Vuln: MENTAL

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