General Overview
Many ages ago, a small city of humans angered one of the gods. They and their ancestors were cursed to live the rest of their lives slithering along the ground in remembrance of their blasphemy. These cursed people became the lythren, a race blinded by the light of day and banished to the darkened corners of M’dhoria. They scattered themselves below the earth and learned to survive on their own, scavenging for food and clothing at night. The lythren became self-serving and reclusive, eternally distrustful of others’ intentions.  In turn, they are viewed as untrustworthy by other races. Over time, their blindness to daytime lessened though their forms remained the same.

Societal Structure
The lythren are a cold-blooded race of loners and scavengers, finding their strength in independence and taking advantage of help rather than asking for it. They are suspicious even of those of their own race and leave their eggs to hatch alone without any protection or aid. They do not take surnames. Lythren are crafty and avaricious in their struggle for survival. They range from hating the gods for the curse they have been born with to desperately seeking to regain divine favor. Their curse of ugliness has made them jealous of the other more attractive races. Lythren hate avians for their devotion to the gods who cursed them and are jealous of the ease with which the winged race finds divine favor.

Physical Characteristics
As a cursed race, lythren are neither beautiful nor voluptuous. Lythren bear the upper torso of a human and the lower portion of a snake. The scales on the lower portion of their bodies range in color and pattern like true snakes. The human portions have small scaly spots along sections of their body and the skin coloring tends to match that of their snake half. Hair grows on their heads, and their faces are coarse-boned with sunken noses and jutting underbites barely concealing forked tongues. Most lythren range from 80-140 inches in length and 150-500 pounds in weight. Their upper bodies are strong, honed to great strength to compensate for the loss of their legs, and are typically larger than the standard human size that their ancestors once were.

Note: This race is for experienced players only.  All lythren are immune to trip and have higher total stats, but they suffer from missing feet and leg slots and disfavor by all religions.  They are not forbidden from seeking religion.

Allowed Classes: warrior, shifter, barbarian, thief, enchanter, necromancer, battlemage, shaman, vagabond
Allowed Alignments: neutral, evil
Allowed Ethos: lawful, neutral, chaotic


Max Roll Stats 20 19 19 17 20
Max Racial Stats 24 23 23 21 24


Racial Resist: FIRE
Racial Vuln: ICE

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