General Overview
The quevran once lived on the Shattered Isles, a secluded group of craggy, bleak islands that barely supported life. The quevran struggled in their inhospitable home, becoming a violent, vicious race out of pure necessity to survive. The quevran remained convinced they were the only sentient inhabitants of the world until they ventured far enough across the Shattered Sea to find the continent of Haphen. Their discovery of the lush continent enraged them after the harsh conditions they had known for ages, for the quevran found not only plentiful food but also other races, most notably the siriyu, who were blessed with these fertile lands. With their long-held beliefs shattered and their dominance challenged, the quevran became a prideful, jealous race filled with an insatiable desire for conquest. Though the Shattered Isles were destroyed and the quevran were forced to mingle with the rest of the races of M’dhoria, they have never forgotten their savage origins.

Societal Structure
Quevran society is militant and lawful. Their culture is strictly regimented and ruthless in adherence to rules and order. Quevran are ingrained to follow hierarchies of command in both government and religion. As a result, they believe that violating laws should be harshly reprimanded; no punishment is too cruel if it is for a severe enough crime. Stemming from their isolated origins, the quevran are a prideful, seclusive race whose belief in their own superiority makes them intensely xenophobic. They are loyal to those of their own race above all others and are highly suspicious of the capabilities and motives of members of any other race. As it is impossible for those of other races to become quevran, this suspicion is not mitigated by familiarity. Quevran have remained bitterly jealous of the siriyu and, as a result, hold a fierce, unrelenting hatred for them.

Physical Characteristics
The quevran are a humanoid race with a height around average of humans, though their bodies are more leanly muscled. Both males and females are completely hairless. Their skin has a rough feel similar to sandpaper, but is wetly slick in appearance. Skin color can range from a light grayish-purple to a dark, almost black purple, with gradated variations in between. Many quevran have extensive tribal tatooing that can vary in placement and design, though some have tattoos over their whole bodies. Quevran have ten fingers and ten toes with thin, membranous webbing between the digits. The facial structure of quevran is unique in that in place of a nose and ears they simply have slits, with a faint protrusion of bone where the nose would be. Quevran have very thin lips and their mouths are filled with triangular sharp teeth. Quevran eyes have very little whites and can be solid shades of blue, purple, and black, making the pupils nearly unnoticeable. Quevrans range from 4 to 6 feet in height. Their life expectancy is unknown, as few live to see old age.

Allowed Classes: warrior, shifter, barbarian, thief, enchanter, battlemage, shaman, cleric, ranger
Allowed Alignments: neutral, evil
Allowed Ethos: lawful, neutral


Max Roll Stats 19 17 19 18 19
Max Racial Stats 23 21 23 22 23


Racial Resist: MENTAL
Racial Vuln: AIR

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