General Overview
Siriyu are one of the oldest races in M’dhoria and hail from the destroyed city of Gheldale on the continent of Haphen.  They are an elegant, refined people but haughty and snobbish, viewing themselves with great superiority over the crudeness of other races.  This arrogance can range from prideful, kind benevolence to outright disdain for those not of their race.  Though some siriyu are of neutral alignment, the race and culture as a whole is good, and many siriyu feel that it is their obligation to take care of those races below them much as one would take care of a pet dog.

Societal Structure
The siriyu have a deep love for beauty, fine arts, and higher learning, preferring magecraft and refined strategy to brute force.  However, as a good-aligned culture, siriyu despise all forms of dark magic and necromancy, viewing them as abominations rather than something to be studied.  Siriyu are extremely averse to physical contact except from loved ones in private, refusing even to shake hands in greeting.  They disapprove of public displays of affection and come off as prudish to other races.  Children are highly valued due to the low fertility of the frail female siriyu, and children’s long maturation periods are spent with a great deal of pampering.  Some siriyu choose to live in close company with the lodekryn as guardians for their family and offspring.  Long hair is a sign of pride for the siriyu and members of the race keep their hair at least to their chin; only hated exiles and outcasts have short cropped hair or shaven heads as a mark of shame.  It should be noted that no siriyu wishes such shame – they never cut their hair in such a manner by choice.  All siriyu are bitter enemies of the quevran.

Physical Characteristics
Siriyu are lean humanoids and have short, lithe bodies with skin colors ranging from very fair to a dark gray though they do not freckle or tan.  Their hair comes in many shades, including dark and pale blues and greens.  They have no body or facial hair.  The irises of their eyes come in a variety of flat shades without rings or flecks.  Their blood is silver and they flush that color when blushing.  Some fashion of long hair is a cultural norm.  Siriyu are known for their lengthy lifespans, and generally live to be to at most 200 years old.

Please do not create as a siriyu if you intend to be stupid or uneducated.  We recommend that you do not create with short hair since this is the mark of an exile, and would be better as something that develops through roleplay.

Allowed Classes: warrior, thief, enchanter, battlemage, druid, knight, vagabond, cleric, ranger
Allowed Alignments: good, neutral
Allowed Ethos: lawful, neutral, chaotic


Max Roll Stats 17 19 20 19 17
Max Racial Stats 21 23 24 23 21


Racial Resist: ENERGY
Racial Vuln: ABYSSAL

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