General Overview
Taurloks are a race of brutish, bestial creatures who possess a fierce love of war.  Originally a race of nomadic tribes that roamed the lands to hunt, the taurloks eventually settled on Alandis, making permanent homes for themselves in the forests and mountainous regions of the land.  Many taurloks choose to live only for their blood-bonds and the sheer joy of fighting.  Though their ferocity may make them seem mindless brutes, this is not necessarily the case, and some taurloks choose to avidly study strategy and tactics.  All taurloks follow a strict code of honor, whether it be personal or that of the law.

Societal Structure
Taurlok society values valor and honor in both daily life and battle, viewing fights without these qualities as fit only for dumb animals.  Taurloks live by strict personal codes and take the swearing of oaths very seriously.  Cheating and dishonorable strategies are viewed as weak and unbecoming of a true warrior.  They seek to face their enemies head-on rather than use such underhanded methods as poisoning an enemy’s supplies or taking hostages.  Taurloks also view truth and loyalty as admirable qualities, and even those with darker hearts will refuse to stain their honor by breaking their word or betraying their clan.

Physical Characteristics
Taurloks are large, broad-shouldered humanoids with heights ranging from six to eight feet and weight being anywhere between 400 to 500 pounds.  Their bodies are thick, muscular and covered in shaggy fur down to their cloven hooves.  Taurloks have a set of curling horns that sprout from the temples and resemble those of a ram.  They have large, oval ears and their bull-like faces end in a long, snub-nosed snouts.  Their fanged teeth are suitable for their mostly-carnivorous diet.

Allowed Classes: warrior, barbarian, battlemage, knight, ranger
Allowed Alignments: good, neutral, evil
Allowed Ethos: lawful, neutral

Max Roll Stats 21 16 18 16 21
Max Racial Stats 25 20 22 20 25

Racial Skill
Racial Resist: POISON, DISEASE
Racial Vuln: ENERGY

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