General Overview
The visardi are a cold-blooded race of lizard-like people whose most important goal in life is the accumulation of knowledge.  They possess a voracious appetite for learning, but may also hide much of what they discover, preferring to keep it to themselves.  Visardi are extremely intelligent and adept at all forms of magecraft.

Societal Structure
Visardi do not care for beauty and aesthetics, finding them either fleeting or unimportant.  They instead value knowledge and learning as signs of status and tend to be secretive with the information they gain.  Visardi range from teachers to hoarders of information, but all members of the race view knowledge as the most precious commodity in the world.  As a result, visardi are willing to make great sacrifices, pay staggering prices, or trample others underfoot to obtain knowledge.  They are disdainful of the grothtalians’ innate inability to use most magic and their love of material wealth.

Physical Characteristics
Visardi are short, squat, hairless, lizard-like humanoids.  Their bodies are around three to four feet in height and weigh from 50 to 70 pounds.  Males and females possess the same general body shape and lack distinguishing sexual features.  Their dry, scaly skin is loose and paunchy over their gangly frames and comes in a variety of colors, often with spotted or striped patterns.  Their large, bulbous eyes similarly come in a range of bright colors.  Visardi possess long, pronounced snouts with sharp, pointy teeth suitable for tearing through meat.  They have only small slits on the sides of their heads for ears and their fingers and toes are knobby and clawed.  However, visardi do not have tails.  Due to their reptilian nature, visardi are cold-blooded and reproduce by laying eggs, though their fertility rate is low.  Visardi may live as long as 200 years.

Allowed Classes: shifter, enchanter, necromancer, shaman, druid, cleric
Allowed Alignments: good, neutral, evil
Allowed Ethos: lawful, neutral, chaotic


Max Roll Stats 16 21 21 17 17
Max Racial Stats 20 25 25 21 21


Racial Resist: ENERGY
Racial Vuln: ICE

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