Battle and Tactics – Jeyne, Valorous Herald of War

Rumors spread from within the walls of the taurlok keep to the far west, telling of a new god. These words referred to the ascension of Jeyne, the Valorous Herald of War. A divine incarnation of strife, Jeyne is never seen without his bone platemail and is constantly covered in blood. He is unparalleled in combat and appears at times to challenge powerful mortals to contests of martial prowess.

As the avatar of war, Jeyne oversees the domain of battle. He is drawn to the constant fighting that rage across M’dhoria. Jeyne concerns himself with both brute physicality and clever tactics, caring most for accomplishment and victory. He values strategy, seeing no use for a plan that will lead to a battle’s loss. Jeyne favors the color red and his followers bear adornments of bone and blood.  His followers often make simple offerings of weapons,
bloody bone, and red objects.

Followers of Battle come from all alignments and races though the intellectual visardi and the aesthetically-inclined siriyu may have difficulty finding Jeyne’s favor. Warriors and barbarians will most easily be welcomed to his fold as Jeyne cares for physical strength over subtler qualities. However, mages who devote themselves to war and those who would use strategy to protect the weak may find their place as a worshipper as well.

Jeyne is, for the most part, neutral to the other gods, caring little for anything other than seeking battle. At times he admires Lyseri’s craftiness but has no patience for her tangled games. Jeyne holds a kinship of sorts with Iskvarren as they are both gods of strife. He sees little use for Araeus’s pursuit of learning for learning’s sake and is often at odds with Chirondin when it comes to theoretical magic, viewing book learning as a pursuit of the weak.