Chance – Dulon, Mediator of Chance

Dulon, the Mediator of Chance, is one of the more mysterious immortals; his origins are unknown and not even his exact appearance can be confirmed. However, rumors say he is a felis that wanders gambling halls and deserted areas with a simple request: to play a game. Dice, cards, and coins are left as mementos of his visit, usually in the colors black and gold or white and red.  Dulon’s followers bear similar adornments and leave such items as simple offerings to their god.

Dulon oversees the realm of random chance and fortune. His domain encompasses events and actions that are unpredictable and uncontrollable. As a lover of gambling, Dulon takes a great interest in events with high stakes, though he does not control their outcomes. Things that require a great deal of preparation, such as war and government, are not his concern. Dulon has no use for the ideas of fate and predetermination, instead embodying the idea of a fluid, unpredictable future.

Followers of Chance come from all races and alignments and understand that life, like a roll of the dice, is full of random possibilities, both good and bad. They face situations head-on as they arise and deal with the outcome, for better or worse, with the knowledge that the future cannot be controlled. Dulon favors mortals who take risks despite the uncertainty of existence, giving his blessing to those who seek their fortune by taking action and gambling with their lives. He disdains those who only passively accept whatever comes and are unwilling to take great risks.

Dulon mostly holds himself aloof from the other gods, interacting with them only in pursuit of his games. He admires both Qurimel’s strict adherence to rules and Iskvarren’s love of chaos as chaos falls closest to his domain. Dulon is most at odds with Lyseri despite her love of mischief as the goddess seeks to interfere with random chance by manipulating outcomes.

Note: We will not accept ANY devotee concepts that are based entirely on dice rolls and coin flips.