Chaos – Iskvarren, the Knave of Iniquity, Reaper of Smoke and Ash

As the natural world once again fell to the sway of the Wanderer, the disordered fragments of an ancient power roused.  He called himself Iskvarren and claimed the throne of Chaos, governing the relentless forces that drive the world to greater disorder.

The broad domain of Chaos is associated with freedom and potential.  Its adherents believe in the empowerment of all individuals regardless of restrictions imposed by unyielding laws, tradition, and contracts.

At its worst, Chaos is a destructive power that disrupts the haven of organized society and the harmonious balance of nature.  This is the domain of anarchists and necromancers.

At its best, Chaos is a rebellious power that opposes the oppressive tyranny of law to ensure the greater good.  This is the domain of revolutionaries and benevolent thieves.

And in between, Chaos falls into various other creative roles.  Chaos encourages innovation and possibility, whether it takes the shape of aspiring wizards who innovate beyond textbook magical theories, whimsical entertainers who imagine for their next performance, or daring adventurers who wander the world, free from obligations.

While mortals of many walks of life may join his ranks, Iskvarren scorns the holy knight and his strict adherence to order.  The persistently lawful quevran are unlikely to garner much favor, but the demonic dagahasi are frequent adherents of Chaos’s destructive aspect.

The faithful bear smoky glass or fabric as a symbol of the inevitable fall of restrictive order, opening greater possibilities for creation or innovation.  Iskvarren avoids Qurimel, considering Order little more than a stubborn transient.  He is fond of Lyseri’s capricious nature, Chirondin’s love for spectacular and often destructive magical displays, and Dulon’s patronage of risky and dangerous ventures.

Note: Chaos is currently a dead religion for the foreseeable future.