Death – Sativa Mundris, the Eternal

Existing before the world and lasting long after time has frayed and unraveled is Sativa Mundris, the Eternal, greatest of all the gods. As the god of Death, Sativa is the ruler of the Abyss and the taker of souls. Eventually, all pass to their final death and fall into the Lord Eternal’s domain. Sativa rarely pays heed to the mortal world, having little care for the affairs of the living. When he does travel M’dhoria, he is known to dress all in black, carrying a reaping scythe and riding upon a black steed.

As the divine embodiment of eternity, Sativa’s domain includes the cycle between life and M’dhoria’s temporary deaths, the false-life of the undead, and the ultimate end in the Abyss. The Lord Eternal oversees the span of each person’s existence, judging when it is someone’s time to permanently leave the bonds of the mortal plains. Sativa also holds sway over the afterlife where he passes judgement over souls, determining their rewards and punishments for their actions in life.

Sativa welcomes those of all races and alignments; for all creatures in M’dhoria, death is a constant and an inevitability. Necromancers and shamans will more easily find his favor as their spells most closely deal with his domain. Sativa favors the colors black and white. His followers wear adornments of iron and shoham and decorate themselves with sigils of an ouroborous as well as stylized eyes. Followers treat the decaying remains of the dead, such as bones, blood, and skin, with respect.

Sativa is respected by all the gods and gives no particular favor to any other members of the pantheon. He is respected and at times feared by the other deities for his power as he holds dominion over even their existence.

Note: We will NOT accept any devotee concept that is entirely “I kill NPCs.”