Deception – Lyseri, the Divine Cheat, Shadow of Mirth and Mischief

Lyseri slipped into the world as little more than a whisper, created by the breath of a dying god and feeding upon secrets until she was strengthened enough to take corporeal shape. Weaving artifice and clothed in illusion, the goddess embodies the domain of deception and trickery as a neutral force fond of riddles and guile. She chooses to travel the world in varied forms, regarding mortals as pieces in a great game and offering them both help and hindrance at her whim. Lyseri may be known in most forms she takes by the darkness of her hair, her fair skin, and the pale green color of her eyes.

As a trickster god, Lyseri oversees the domain of lies and mischief, dealing in illusion and manipulation. She delights in causing chaos with her pranks but sees equally a need for order as a game cannot be held without rules even if they are only there to be broken. Lyseri holds such dualities in high regard; they are intrinsic to her very nature as she is also a deity of clarity and seeing through untruths. She favors the colors black, green, and grey and often wears charms of two feathers as her symbol. Her worshippers are also known to bear adornments of irium and verdil.  These items as well as objects made of shadow are often used as simple offerings to the deity.

Lyseri cares little for race and alignment, valuing a clever mind and inclination for wit. Those who deal in subterfuge and secrets easily find her favor, be it the virtuous soul who schemes in the name of good or the avaricious sneak. As Lyseri takes great interest in the intricacies of sorcery she holds a fondness for mages, particularly those who deal in illusionary charms and concealing enchantments. Those seeking to outwit deceptions and see through lies would also do well to ask her blessing. However, Lyseri has little use for those who cause chaos for the sake of chaos alone; her followers walk her path in pursuit of a higher goal in the same way she steers her schemes toward some ulterior end.

Though truly allied only with herself, Lyseri holds no ire for any of the other gods, instead choosing to view them as entertainments. She counts Chirondin as a confidant when it comes to magical artifice and considers Araeus’s pursuit of knowledge useful despite his disapproval of deceptions. Seeking to govern the outcomes of her schemes rather than leave them to chance, Lyseri is most at odds with Dulon and sees little use for Jeyne’s straightforward manner. Though the god of artifice, Lyseri is known to give her aid as often as deceive as she has no desire to see her pawns, partners, or playground destroyed.