Kamrin, Lady of Swift Deliverance

From the last remnants of Love rose the goddess Kamrin, a divine agent of succor and solace. Rarely seen and traveling with her features hidden by a dark veil, Kamrin wanders the world as both a healer of pain and a merciful bringer of death. She carries with her a well-used misericorde at all times. Kamrin seldom speaks, preferring her interactions with mortals to be simple acts to end misery before she quickly goes on her way.

Kamrin oversees the domain of deliverance as a deity who deals in the alleviation of suffering. She cares only that pain and misery be ended, regardless of the method used. Kamrin has no interest in sparing lives or showing compassion and mercy to her enemies; to her, healing a wound is much the same as ending a long illness with a swift death. She favors the colors red and purple and her symbol is the blooming blossom of a poppy. Followers of Kamrin are known to bear adornments of braun and ibha as well.  Additionally, Kamrin favors pills and potions used to relieve suffering.

Kamrin has no care for the alignment of her worshippers, instead valuing the will to seek out and end the suffering present in the world. She gives her blessing to those who relieve pain through a multitude of varied means. Healers often easily find her favor so long as they do not give aid to those who increase others’ suffering. However, she is equally accepting of those who would carve away pain with a blade. Kamrin has little welcome for the dagahasi, lythren, and quevran with their love of misery, avaricious natures, and lack of mercy. She also has no place for those who bestow compassion where no suffering exists.

Kamrin keeps to herself even amongst the other gods, spending most of her time traveling unseen amongst mortals to assuage their varied pains. She has neither allies nor enemies amongst the other deities as all of their domains, while unintentional, may lead to the suffering of others.

Note: We will NOT accept any concept that assumes all dead people are suffering and in desperate need of healing.