Delusion – Caym, the Delusional

Back in the beginning of time, when Love and Hate ruled over the lands, a rift formed between light and dark, life and death. A small, temperamental being formed from the space between these opposites, its mind slowly ripped asunder as the chasm increased in size. Locked away by Chaos and Love to protect all things, the being entered a deep slumber and was not seen again for many centuries. When it finally emerged, the form held nothing of its own save a name: Caym.

Caym is the embodiment of Delusion, of the insanity of having fallen into the abyss of the mind, lost forever to the reality of the world itself. The insanity of its followers is their own, incomprehensible to who have not fallen into the mists of the Delusional. However, those who are overly destructive in their ways within the realm of Caym have brief lives as they fall too far into the abyss and into the realm of Sativa.

Followers of Delusion are frequently held at arm’s length due to their strange and unpredictable behavior. While most are harmless and peaceful, many are incapable of completely logical conversation. Few may be quite sane, obsessing over certain objects or people in a distorted view of the real world. Caym’s followers bear pebbles and brightly colored adornments, their belongings often as disorganized and mismatched as their mental state.  Small
stones, cake, and alcohol are often offered at various shrines around the world, which are typically crudely made from piled stones.

Caym holds no form and is a capricious deity. Many of the other immortals view it as an abomination and its followers an unfortunate accident in the world of mortals. Known to speak in poorly sung rhyme, Caym is notorious for picking on those outside of its own boundaries, sometimes causing the other immortals to attempt to lock it away once more.

Note: Application only. All applications may be emailed to Please include type of insanity, as well as how you plan to RP it out through the character asking to be initiated into the religion.