Love – Sarma, Great Mother of Love

Many years ago, Sarma went into hiding. She had grown frustrated with the fates of her children and the faithlessness of her followers. The people of M’Dhoria had lost respect for their gods, for their mothers. Her frustration turned to anger, and she came out into the world again, seeking retribution for her losses. As followers amassed and soothed her, Sarma calmed herself and set out to bring love to all those who would accept it.

Sarma is seen either in ivory or gleaming black leather, depending on her mood. She has been known to punish those she sees as violating their marriage vows or abusing their children. She has no time for lythren or dagahasi, who leave their children to raise themselves. Slave owners and reavers also have no place in her heart, while clerics and knights often find special favor with her. While most of her followers are good, evil canidae and quevran, for example, would be equally welcome. Her followers carry roses of varying colors.

Sarma is the goddess of family, whether that is symbolized by a marriage or a pack. She respects Sannhet’s powers of fertility, and feels a kinship towards Celandreia. The darker gods, however, are thoroughly distrusted, particularly Iskvarren and Rynoki, who she sees as responsible for such evils as adultery. She is also displeased with Jeyne, who draws many away from the home to die in the battlefield.