Magic – Chirondin, the Keeper of Magic

From the primordial ooze that coats the cracks of the world came a strange, froglike deity: Chirondin.  Chirondin embodies the domain of magic, engaging himself in fabulous feats of spellwork and attracted to the mortal planes by displays of arcane power.  He wanders the realm in the form of a squat visardi with odd-colored eyes and clothed in burlap and twine.

Chirondin’s domain encompasses the study and use of the arcane arts that flow through the world.  His followers pursue knowledge about all subjects and use it for greater magical applications such as conjurations, summonings, wards, and healing.  Chirondin favors the colors brown and purple.  He has a great love for fish and his followers often bear charms of the creatures carved from naceril or shell.  His followers may ofer these things, magical items, burlap, twine, and fish.

Followers of magic come from all alignments and races, but not often the arcanely unskilled groths.  Chirondin welcomes mages of all kinds regardless of the nature of their arts; those who seek knowledge of spellcraft for might and power are as welcome as those who come in supplication for enlightenment and pure learning.  Those with no innate talent for magecraft are unlikely to find favor with Chirondin.

Chirondin holds few alliances with the other deities of the pantheon as he is more concerned with great displays of magic than the politics involved in controlling such works.  He holds Lyseri and Araeus closest as they are also gods who deal with knowledge.  Chirondin is most often at odds with Qurimel for her rigid rules that sometimes pose obstacles to the pursuit of learning.  He also views Jeyne as somewhat of a mindless beast and holds disdain for the war god’s love of physicality and brute force.