Nature and the Hunt – Sannhet the Wanderer, Capricious Goddess of Nature

As the world lay stagnant with the fall of the Huntress, a brush with chance woke the goddess Sannhet from her slumber at the brink of existence. She took her place in the pantheon to oversee the natural fluctuations of life and death that bring both dearth and bounty to the lands of M’dhoria. Sannhet constantly wanders the lands, offering her insight on the interplay of natural forces to mortals who come across her path. Her personality reflects the characteristics of her domain: mercurial and whimsical, vacillating between gentle benevolence and bitter harshness.

Worship of nature is widespread, ranging from rural farming villages to bustling trade centers and harbors. Sannhet’s followers understand that the natural order is inherently unpredictable and oftentimes cruel, and seek to live within and preserve that natural order rather than only observe and appreciate. Those whose livelihoods depend on the benevolence of nature invoke Sannhet’s name, praying for fair weather, fertile land, and bountiful wilds so long as it does not disrupt the intrinsic cycles of the seasons. The methods of worship vary; longstanding traditions such as ritualized hunts and sacrifices still thrive from worship of previous incarnations, while others will violently protect nature’s flora and fauna from encroaching civilization.

Sannhet’s most widely recognized symbol is the acorn, a representation of renewal and transience. Her faithful usually bear an image of an acorn in some form as well as adornments of copper.   Simple offerings consist of parts from animals and plants as well as green items.  Although her following may hail from varied disciplines, rangers and druids who hunt and preserve the land are more likely to find favor. Sannhet does not judge by the taint of one’s heart, but withholds her blessing from those such as the unnatural, plague-bearing reavers or the cultist necromancers who corrupt the natural order through their demonic dark arts.

As Sannhet’s teachings involve the natural order of the world, she has no need for mortal law and justice. While she calls no immortal her ally, Sannhet is known to aid in times of need as her whims see fit. She has a peculiar relationship with Iskvarren, her counterpart deity and other half. Although Nature is often the source of natural deterioration, their domains often clash when Iskvarren pushes for excessive and unrestrained decay.

Note:  We will NOT accept devotee concepts that consist entirely of “I admire nature,” “I like walks,” “I am a ranger/druid,” or “I kill a lot of NPCs.”