Order – Qurimel, the Eagle, Goddess-Judge of Order

Qurimel succeeded the Lord Tralen and claimed her perch as the Goddess-Judge of Order after the burning of Kaekryn Grove.  She oversees the courts of law and reason in M’Dhoria.  She embraces order and the command of primal chaos, seeking those who are honorable, true, and temperate.  Her followers believe in overarching rules of conduct that govern a regimented lifestyle and expect others to behave within those guidelines as well.  They respect rules, laws, or traditions that do not fall within their personal code, but may actively try to change those directly in conflict with their own beliefs.

Race and alignment are largely inconsequential to Qurimel.  She prizes a lawful and ordered soul above all else and for this reason holds goblins and reavers in no high regard.  Uncivilized barbarians and thieves may find it difficult to gain her approval unless they adhere strictly to their own tribal or professional codes, and those of a chaotic ethos are scorned.  Both holy knights and evil tyrants are welcomed so long as they use their power to bring order and law.  Qurimel’s followers may also act as trusted judges or arbiters of fairness and justice in their cities.  She favors the colors silver and black and her symbol is a spiral representing orderly progression.  Pynium trinkets and cut crystals and gemstones are also favored items.  Followers
frequently leave symbols of law such as manacles or patterned and motifed objects at her shrine.

Qurimel allies herself with no other deity, viewing most of the gods with respectful apathy.  While her domain of mortal order mirrors the natural order that Sannhet represents, the nature goddess’s unpredictable whims are cause for suspicion.  Qurimel is enemy of Iskvarren as he works to undermine order and is wary of Lyseri’s deceiving ways.  She is also distrustful of Chirondin’s reckless magical experimentation and Jeyne’s uncontrolled lust for war as both may lead them to forego the tenets of her domain.