Rules of the Game

By logging into Cities of M’Dhoria, you agree to abide by the rules of the MUD at all times. Minors (under 18 years of age) are advised to review these rules with their parents. Ignorance of the rules is not acceptable, nor will it excuse misconduct. IC is not an excuse to break game rules.

There are different punishments for each rule and the frequency of rule infractions. These include, but are not limited to, purging of your items, suspension, denial, restriction to one character, and site-ban. If you do not agree with the punishment you have been given, send an e-mail to and explain the situation in its entirety. If you are caught breaking a rule, it would be wise to be honest. Lying will only make things worse for you.

The rules are available in more detail as separate help files. You should read each accompanying help files carefully:

  • PK/Playerstun: PK and playerstun must be consequences of specific roleplay and are not for griefing.
  • Looting: Each PKed player can only lose up to two limited items each time. Only those assisting in incapacitating the player may loot.
  • Theft v. PK: It is forbidden to PK solely to obtain equipment. Thieves and vagabonds may steal equipment, but they may not PK/playerstun or ask another player to PK/playerstun for it.
  • Harassment: Do not harass other players over OOC channels.
  • Mudsex: Mudsex is permitted but must fade to black before it becomes graphic. Explicit mudsex with a minor is a permanent ban.
  • Quitting: You may not quit immediately to avoid RP or pursuit. A wait time of 20 real time minutes is required after theft or attacking another player.
  • OOC/IC: This is an enforced roleplaying game, so you must always remain in-character. All actions in game must be due to IC information. Do not use information unless you have discovered it ICly. Do not ask people OOCly for IC information.
  • Coincidences: Do not arrange convenient coincidences with your OOC friends. Repeated coincidences will be treated with suspicion.
  • Multicharring: You may only log on one character at a time. Your characters should be kept separate and only one may be in a government clan. Only you are allowed to play your characters.
  • Triggers/Bots/Timers: Please remove all of these and play the game yourself.
  • Mobs/Summons: Do not lead mobs to guards or stand by watching summoned creatures fight for the purpose of obtaining equipment that you did not work for.

Reciting rules to the immortals will not be tolerated. There is no lawyer class in M’dhoria, and all of the staff understands the rules to be enforced. Please note that we enforce the spirit of the rules rather than the letter of the rules. See SPIRIT OF THE RULES for more information.