These are valid reasons for looting a player corpse.  The entire attacking group must follow these rules for each victim stunned or PKed regardless of the number of people involved in the fight.  This does not include items lost and on the ground for other reasons.  Containers and their contents count as separate items.  Please be considerate with restrings since these are rewards given to the player for good roleplay.  Restrings that are immediately destroyed will be returned to the owner.  These rules govern all types of theft from a downed character, including strip, grab, and steal (HELP THEFT).

PLAYERSTUN/PLAYERKILL – The attacking group is permitted to take:
* up to two statted items per stunned character or corpse.  These include most weapons, armor, jewelry, sheaths, hold items, and lights.
* any number of unstatted items per stunned character or corpse.  These include wands, scrolls, pills, potions, gold/silver, bait, fishing rods, drink containers, boats, pelts, books, food, and dice.  This privilege may be revoked at staff discretion in the case of excessive looting.

STOLEN ITEM RECOVERY – The attacking group is permitted to take any and all items that were stolen by any means, provided that there is reasonable IC suspicion that those particular items are the stolen ones.  You may not take any other items if you choose to engage in a recovery mission.  Idle speculation is not acceptable evidence.

FRIEND ASSISTANCE – You may take all items as long as the victim is available to state that you are an assisting friend.  Please ask an immortal for help.

If you stumble upon a player corpse containing items, do not loot or to destroy the corpse by any means unless you are retrieving stolen items.  The same rules for stolen item recovery as listed above apply here.  Once the body has crumbled away, items on the ground are free game.

Exploiting loopholes in order to full loot will not be tolerated.  While hiding a corpse is permitted as long as the owner can retrieve his or her belongings, it is illegal to camp for the purpose of looting more than your fair share.  You may not put a corpse where the owner cannot retrieve it.

When in doubt, ask an immortal.  Please note that the staff has final say in all rulings regarding looting.

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