Mobs and Summons

A Mobile Object (MOB) is a non-player character (NPC). CoM is filled with many MOBs for you to fight and interact with, and some of them are parts of built-in quests that you can perform for a reward.

Do keep in mind that mobs are people too and should be treated as what they are made to be. If you discuss your plans to overthrow the king in front of the gateguard, that gateguard might very well tell the king after all. Similarly, it may not be in your best interest to pet that angry bear, or sleep in front of that dragon that you just attacked.

Additionally, consider your character’s relation to certain mobs. For example, a good-aligned character should not be murdering women and children and a government official should not be assaulting high ranking guard mobs for equipment. There will most certainly be mobs that your character is not permitted to kill. Please do not exploit loopholes to bypass this, such as by making up stories that a loyal guard has become disloyal.

We suggest that characters interact with mobs without expecting them to respond. Greet the bartender, tell that clumsy maid to be more careful next time, and tell those children you don’t want to play tag. Even if nobody is making the mob respond to you, it will help to maintain an IC atmosphere and develop your character. Always keep in mind that your character should do what is IC rather than what you as a player want to do.

Equipment is on mobs so that players who fight them can earn a reward. Please do not stand by and watch summons or gateguards kill a mob so that you can reap an easy reward without danger or work.

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