Mudsex and Harassment


Mudsex may be done only between two characters of the same race.  You must fade to black before it becomes graphic in game, i.e. there may not be anything beyond hugging and kissing.  No mudsex may be performed over tells or gtells.  Do not perform mudsex with a player who you know is a minor.  We do not guarantee anyone’s privacy during such acts.

Note: CoM is not a brothel.  If you are spending hours on end RPing porn or log on just for mudsex, go somewhere else.


Harassing another player over any OOC line of communication is illegal.  This includes:

  • IC complaints.  Tells are for OOC circumstances like time zones, work, and illness.  OOC is not for complaining about IC.  Deal with it through RP.
  • Swearing at someone, direct abuse, sexual harassment, or racial remarks.  If someone feels harassed for your comment, it is harassment and you are to stop immediately.

You are expected to deal with legitimate OOC complaints yourself if possible.  However, if someone asks you to stop sending them harassing tells, then stop; this is not an option.  If you feel that the other person is refusing to address a legitimate OOC problem, take it to the staff.  Penalties for harassment include loss of tells, denial, and site ban.

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