OOC/IC Information

Out-of-character (OOC) knowledge is anything that is not known to your character.  This can include information about in-character (IC) events as well as information about players.  You may not act upon OOC knowledge of events unless your character has found out through an IC method. Note that well-known world events posted in the MOTD are permissible as IC knowledge.

Out-of-character behavior is behavior inconsistent with the ways that your character normally acts and responds.  Your character should always stay IC and act according to his or her motives.  It is not permitted to use IC motive as an excuse to break game rules.

While some OOC considerations must be taken at times (for example, with newbies), OOC abuse in general is not permitted.  Examples include:

  • Switching between characters for OOC reasons.  For example, you may not switch switch characters to help a friend who was being helped by another of your alts.  Wanting to play another character is reasonable, but beware of doing anything suspicious immediately after logging on or before logging off.
  • Activity between your characters, current and past.  Your characters cannot know, be related to, or have met each other or your past characters. Your characters should avoid discussing each other or your past characters.
  • Creating a new character to harm your enemies or help your friends. This includes spying to gain information about your enemies or sharing this information with your friends’ characters.
  • Passing items between your characters or to your OOC friends.
  • Looting items from a character that was PKed by your alt.
  • Developing IC like/dislike because of the player behind a character.

You are expected to keep your alts separate.  If you continue to have coincidences between your characters, you will be limited to one character. 

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