Player Killing or PK is killing another player’s character. These rules will govern ANY ACTION that is intended to cause the death of another player character, such as placing bounties, trapping someone into a room where they will die, or hiring mercenaries to kill someone.

1) You MUST have a good roleplay reason for any action intended to cause PK. RPed PK means that there is a good reason for PK, not that characters have to emote or say before initiating combat. Good reasons are specifically targeted toward a certain character rather than targeted towards a general population and tend to be more serious than petty squabbles. For example:

GOOD: “That person stole my sword.”
GOOD: “That person threatened to kill my wife.”
GOOD: “That person attacked my friend.”
GOOD: “That person has a warrant for his death and he’s in the city.”
GOOD: “That person lied to get me in trouble with the king.”
GOOD: “I was hired by X (who has his own personal reason) to kill him.”

BAD: “That person has a nice sword and I kill anyone with things I want.”
BAD: “That person is a dagahasi and I hate all dagahasi.”
BAD: “I am crazy/evil so I attack anyone I want.”
BAD: “He told me to ‘shut up’.”
BAD: “I’m showing off how strong I am.”
BAD: “He didn’t catch plague.”
BAD: “I have a grudge against Cranezmore and he’s a Cranezmore citizen.”

2) Multiple PKs, or killing the same player repeatedly in a short amount of time, are not permitted. You should wait at least a real time hour before engaging in PK with the same character again. If you have PKed someone and they give good solid reason to be killed again, then they have annulled their protection. You also may not raise someone just to PK that character immediately.

3) PKing characters under level 11 will not be tolerated. If you are having problems with a new player, contact an immortal before resorting to coded combat.

4) Retaliating against someone who killed your character using a stronger character is forbidden. Your stronger character has no roleplay reason for revenge. This also means that you may not use your stronger character to pick fights with that person or otherwise create reasons for PK.

5) In the event of a war, the only reason for PK necessary is the war as long as the slain characters are members of the opposing group.

6) You must wait 20 real life minutes before logging your character out after you have engaged in a PK attempt or stolen equipment from PKed players. If you have a real life emergency, send up a question or email the staff at as soon as you can. Too many emergencies will be examined carefully.

Violation of these rules and guidelines could result in stiff penalties including character deletion, denial, and even site banning if necessary. If you are a victim of non-roleplayed PK or you need to appeal an immortal’s decision, contact the staff at

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