Spamming, Triggers and Botting

Spamming is entering the same command over and over again. When you have entered a particular command a certain number of times, you will be forced to quit the game. Spamming is permitted so long as it is not disrupting roleplay. Those who spam skills to level while disrupting roleplay can expect to have the skill lowered or removed.

Autoconnectors automatically reconnect when you are disconnected. We do not condone the use of autoconnectors. Connect to the game by yourself rather than idling on the ANSI color page. Remove your autoconnector or expect to be removed.

Triggers are commands that are entered automatically by your MUD client in response to certain output. Botting is use of any program to automatically and autonomously enter commands into the game for you.

The game is meant to be played by you, not by a program. Regardless of what you call it, anything that can enter a command into the game without your presence is not allowed and subject to punishment. This includes, but is not limited to, triggers, bots, and tick timers.

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